James Corden’s Controversy During BTS’ Latest Appearance On ‘The Late Late Show’


What do you think about Namjoon discussing James Corden‘s controversy during BTS‘ latest appearance on ‘The Late Late Show’? Before getting started, a recap on James Corden and his jokes.

First things first, let us give you a background on James Corden and his jokes. With past worldwide hit boy groups, James had the tendency to mention that groups such as One Direction had “14-year-old” fans and joke about “those fans”. It’s not completely factual, but the joke is understandable.

Your typical hormonal, music-loving, superfan, teenager fans are usually seen in that scenario. We saw those, and even statistically, most BTS/boy group fans are underage teenagers (mainly girls).

Now, what happened with BTS?

Well, James Corden decided to mess with a high-strung fandom who does not keep up with fan humor and call ARMYs “14-year-old” fans as a whole. That obviously stirred up ARMYs, to the point where some sent death threats, were on the board of canceling his show, did other horrible things, etc…

And all that because of a joke Corden tells to every single hit boy group in existence.

BTS’ leader, RM, decided to bring up the issue with him and ARMYs which prompted James to explain himself and say that it wasn’t meant to be offensive, but he is sorry about it, and eventually apologize. RM “appreciated” the apology, and from there we could figure out ARMYs would cut him some slack.

When we first saw the event, we thought James Corden had made a huge mistake. (eg racism). However, we learned that he was willing to cancel his show for using the typical “14-year-old” joke from ARMYs. This felt a little strange.

James Corden’s “14-year-old” fan jokes aren’t a personal attack. One Direction had them, other boy groups (and male singers) had them, then it came down to BTS. Not a personal attack.

Therefore, sending death threats, trying to cancel his show, making negative reviews for no reason whatsoever, etc… was just plain wrong and James didn’t deserve that.

BTS could slightly tell their fandom to chill and be nicer when events like this happen. It’s most likely a misunderstanding because who would throw out their careers and destroy them by angering ARMYs.