James Charles was attacked by an Uber driver


The YouTuber gave again what to talk about.

James Charles is again focused on his career, after last year’s scandal, the YouTuber has resumed his career as a makeup influencer.

Therefore, the celeb traveled to Orlando, Florida for the Playlist Live convention , an event for content creators on YouTube; However, he had an altercation with the Uber platform and not its drivers, we told you what happened.

Through his Twitter account, James reported that an Uber driver made violent calls to him and one of his workers, the person used offensive language against him, so he asked the company for help.

It is not known if James received threats, but he may have been the victim of a homophobic attack and his private information was used improperly.

Uber answered him and asked for his information to be able to contact him and resolve the situation, as they ensure that they reject these kinds of actions. It is not known if the Youtuber suffered any kind of threat and if it will take legal action against the driver.

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