James Charles apologizes to Conrad for his bad comments


James shared a series of criticisms about Lauren’s new project but later offered an apology. James Charles is known for his skills in the world of makeup, but he has also stood out for the comments that this expert usually expresses through his social networks. The famous beauty vlogger recently gave a bad review to the products Lauren Conrad sent her, but later regretted her own words.

Lauren Conrad wanted James to know a little about the beauty line she has been working on recently, so she decided to send him a special package with some items. However, after receiving it, James Charles took to her Instagram account to show that many of the articles were actually empty, which she ruthlessly criticized.

The beauty vlogger also referred to Lauren as someone who shouldn’t have a makeup line, all due to the mistake she had made. But Charles’s comments quickly received a response.

Lauren also took to her social media to share the story behind this accident, explaining that while preparing the package she would send to James, she used empty samples to make sure the items could be accommodated properly. When the actual products arrived, she arranged them in the package she would ship herself, however, she mixed up the pieces and added some of the empty ones.

It was then that James returned to the networks and apologized, noting that it had been a difficult day where he had to face several situations that took him to his limit, it was for this reason that when he received the empty samples, he could not help but explode with his comments.

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Despite what happened, James Charles said that he had spoken with Lauren Conrad and they had clarified the situation, so they were now on good terms.

Recently, James was also involved in a controversy with Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson.


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