James Cameron Explains The Long Life of “Avatar 2”


It was once rare to see a theatrical release lasting more than two hours. However, today it is not only customary to watch films lasting about two and a half hours, but also, as a rule, these are major tent releases, such as superhero films that do this. Now we see three hours as a limit that few films will exceed, but “Avatar: The Way of Water” will do just that.

When the first Avatar was released, it was an exception, its duration exceeded two and a half hours. Today, this runtime wouldn’t be that amazing, but Avatar runtime: The Way of Water still attracts attention because it is set for more than three hours. For what it’s worth, James Cameron tells Total Film (via Gamesradar) that the extra running time is necessary so that the film can give the characters their due time and emotion. He explains…

James Cameron explains why we had to wait so long for Avatar 2

The goal is to tell an extremely compelling story on an emotional basis. I would say that the new film focuses more on the characters, more on the story, more on relationships, more on emotions. We didn’t spend as much time on relationships and emotions in the first movie as in the second, and it’s a longer movie because it has more characters to serve. There’s more history to service.

The length of the film is always something of a balancing act. I don’t want to waste time watching movies, because they are designed to be viewed in one viewing and tell the full story, so the shorter the better. At the same time, you want to have enough time to tell the story you want to tell, and you don’t want to leave the character’s arch or relationship unchanged by cutting off what you would prefer to leave.

After all, James Cameron says there is too much history, and therefore the film should last more than three hours. Of course, there are many important characters in Avatar 2. The film will focus heavily on Jake’s children Sally and Neytiri, which means that many of these characters have to be introduced first before we can really follow the story and it will all take time.

“Avengers: Finale” lasted more than three hours and became the MCU finale, becoming the second highest-grossing film of all time, so viewers certainly have no problem going to the cinema for a three-hour movie. As long as the story being told is good, the characters are interesting and everything is going well, everything should be fine.

There will almost certainly be reviews from fans and critics who will find the film too long. But if James Cameron manages to achieve his goal, if the story he tells is emotional and convincing, then most will probably be too absorbed in the narrative to realize that three hours have passed. Of course, if the Avatar sequels just keep getting longer than Avatar 4 and 5, we can keep us in the cinema all day.


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