James Bond: the trailer for “Dying can wait” finally unveiled! (VIDEO)


It’s been months since fans wait to learn more about the next James Bond. The film is progressing well since the production has just released a very first trailer and there is no shortage of action.

In a few months, Daniel Craig will be back in the shoes of James Bond. The secret agent will come back for a new movie and he will be in big trouble. Indeed, the latter will have to protect his girlfriend, Madeleine Swann played by Léa Seydoux. As a reminder, the French actress made an appearance in 2015 in Specter. Nevertheless, in this new film, it will be time to learn more about the relationship between the British and Madeleine.

After months of shooting, we finally know more about the next James Bond and this one should not displease the fans. Indeed, the title of the new component named No Time To Die (Dying can wait) and our secret agent will have to ally with a spy embodied by Lashana Lynch. According to the first trailer, the spy will not miss charisma and she will have the respondent against the British. Thus, this alliance promises to be electric and fans will have fun.

The production released the first trailer of the next James Bond. Thus, in the video, we can see that the agent will have to fight against a mysterious man. For the moment, we know very little about this new villain. Nevertheless, he is played by Rami Malek and he could hold compromising information about Madeleine. In addition, in the video, he thinks he looks like James Bond because he is not afraid to kill.

So, No Time To Die promises to be exceptional since James Bond is going to have to make an enemy of size. The trailer announces many action scenes and fans will not be bored. In any case, we are all eager to see how this will end for the agent. Indeed, No Time To Die should be the last film with Daniel Craig in the skin of 007. Moreover, the film will be released on April 8, 2020 in theaters.