James Bond Role: Tom Hardy Will Be The New Bond


It has been discussed for a long time who will be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. According to new rumors, the next Bond will be Tom Hardy, one of the rising stars of the last period.

No Time to Die, the last James Bond movie, continues to wait for theaters in November. On the other hand, the failure of Tenet to reach the targeted point in the vision and low box office numbers cause the movies in Hollywood to be postponed to 2021.

Although some movies have been delayed, James Bond’s newest movie seems to be released in November. With this movie, we will see Daniel Craig for the last time as Bond. The 52-year-old actor will leave the role to another talented name after the 5th Bond movie. A new candidate has emerged for the next name we’ll see in the suit.

Tom Hardy could be James Bond

Until now, the names of many James Bond candidates of different ethnicities and genders have come up. According to The Vulcan Reporter, Sony found the new Bond: Tom Hardy, who was also in the Venom movies.

It was stated that the actor, who managed to be one of the leading roles in Inception, was planned to be announced right after the movie No Time to Die that he was the next James Bond, but this plan was later abandoned. It was stated that Sony could delay the announcement to December or early 2021 due to the coronavirus.

How reliable the news can be is open to discussion and it is not possible to say anything definite. Nevertheless, it is a fact that among the names mentioned so far, Hardy is one of the best names to be James Bond.

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Who will be the new James Bond?

In fact, in the previous statements about the role, James Bond’s just like Dr. It was stated that there is a title as well as a name like Who, and we can see actors or women artists from different ethnic origins in this role. A few names were even put forward.

Do you think Tom Hardy might be the ideal choice for the next James Bond? Or is there another actor you’d like to see in this role? We are waiting your comments.


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