James Bond in Contemporary Video Games


We look back to remember the video games starring James Bond in his most recent stage, one dominated by irregularity.

The trajectory of one of the most popular secret agents in the history of cinema has not been much less fruitful in video games, since except for sparks of genius like Rare’s Goldeneye 007, it has been marked by irregularity. In fact, their rights have passed through a multitude of companies, from Nintendo to Activision, through Electronic Arts, now they will be IO Interactive, known for being the creators of Hitman, those in charge of returning the success to James Bond almost coinciding with the end of the Daniel Craig’s stage in the film saga.

There is no doubt about the ability of the Danish study, knowing its curriculum in the stealth and espionage genre, but they will not have it far from easy, since the last 15 years of James Bond on consoles and PC are not governed by irregularity mentioned. In fact, it’s mediocrity that has surrounded the James Bond game catalog since EA abandoned the license, only interrupted by, curiously, a remake of Goldeneye for Wii developed by a studio with little background. Let’s remember below what they have to trace in IO Interactive

From Russia without much love

During the stage of the license in the hands of Electronic Arts we could see a good variety of deliveries, some based on the films of the moment, starring then by Pierce Brosnan – Tomorrow never dies, The world is not enough – as well as the classics. In fact, the last sleight of hand from the great Canadian publisher was From Russia with Love, a film whose protagonist was the recently deceased Sean Connery, and being already a title that hinted at the near future of Bond, not too benevelonte. From EA it was even planned to launch the game based on the first movie with Daniel Craig, Casino Royale, although it would end up canceled as it could not arrive in time for the premiere of the film.

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Quantum of Solace

Activision would take over the license in 2006, launching the first video game based on it in 2008, on the occasion of the premiere of the second film with the British actor, Quantum of Solace. This was developed by none other than Treyarch, who then had a history of almost ten years in the industry, and although they did not have any outstanding success then, they would later triumph thanks to the Black Ops subsaga of Call of Duty. Some of the words chosen to describe it in the analyzes at the time were “passable” or “decent”, something that based on a game of the caliber of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, released just a year earlier, you know without a doubt. by little. It was not without action, how could it be otherwise, but it was clear that stealth was not something that was much distilled at Activision at that time, since it was undoubtedly a very little used aspect.

Who could say that the best James Bond game of the last 15 years would come from the creators of Dead Space Extraction … But yes, and it is really this spin off of the long-awaited Visceral Games saga, a shooter on rails for Taking advantage of the Wii’s motion control turned out to be, surprisingly, a good game. A small but veteran English studio, Eurocom, with experience in the Agent 007 saga since the early 90s, was able to successfully carry out the difficult and compromising task of creating a remake of one of the great games of that decade as is Goldeneye 007, still considered one of the great milestones in the first person shooter genre. At the time Rare was a guarantee of quality, and after demonstrating it with the platforms -Donkey Kong Country-, the beat em up -Battletoads- or even the fight -Killer Instinct-, they did not stop doing it with one of the emerging genres on console and whose almost exclusive territory was the PC.


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