James Bond: Disney sees itself recovering the most famous secret agent!


It’s a small sentence that has thrilled many. To expand his empire again, Disney would have views on the James Bond universe. In any case, that’s what Bob Iger suggested.

Such a purchase could make a big splash in the world of cinema. Through Bob Iger, Disney has considered buying the James Bond universe. After Star Wars, it would be one of the most iconic world of cinema that will pass under the umbrella of the American giant. But such an act is not yet relevant. After Star Wars, Disney may not take a new risk for some time.

Like all big companies, Disney keeps growing. An ambition that takes different forms. Disney +, the on-demand video platform that competes with Netflix is ​​one of the examples. But beyond that, the firm would like to take James Bond. Bad news for fans of the saga given what has become of the world of the Jedi. Without sinking into a pure and simple catastrophe, the saga lost its power by joining Disney.

But where does this rumor come from? Is it really founded? Well, hard to say. But Bob Iger has made statements that could be a first step towards this agreement. A simple sentence with an innocent look. Questioned by Time, Bob Iger, current CEO of Disney spoke of this James Bond buyout.

“We do not expect to buy anything right now, but I’ve always been a big fan of James Bond. A simple joke that did not make everyone laugh. Fans have already stepped up to defend their favorite secret agent.

Let’s hope that once again, the king of the escape will come out unscathed from this affair.


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