Jake Paul Says Dana White Is Trying to Sabotage His PPV Fight with Anderson Silva


YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul accuses UFC president Dana White of trying to “harm” his pay-per-view ads for his upcoming fight against MMA legend Anderson Silva.

Jake Paul’s feud with Dana White took an interesting turn on October 21, when a “Difficult Child” claimed that the UFC boss was doing some damage to his upcoming PPV.

A little more than a week later, Jake Paul will return to the ring against Anderson Silva, which, according to the influencer, will be his most difficult battle to date.

However, the long-awaited match is now facing some controversy as Paul tries to promote the upcoming event, which will cost fans $59.99 to watch.

Jake Paul criticized Dana White for “harming” Silva’s PPV promotion
In a post on social media, Paul stated that Dana White is “doing everything possible to harm the PPV promotion of Anderson Silva.”

“The same Silva said that I would never fight. He did not allow Silva to enter the UFC Hall of Fame. Just shows how much he’s afraid of what I’m doing. Believe me, changes are coming, and we are going to,” he said.

Unfortunately, Jake didn’t explain what White did to hurt the event. The UFC does have a fairly modest Fight Night card on the same day, and UFC 280 PPV with an ultra stack is scheduled for a week ago.

However, Paul retweeted a post in which Dana was accused of trying to help Paul’s former opponent Ben Askren.

The tweet read: “Dana connected Ben Askren with Freddie Roach and also called Ben regularly during his Jake Paul camp to check and make sure he was doing well. According to Ben, it was the only time in his life when he spoke directly with Dana.”

We’ll need to see how well Jake Paul returns to the ring, especially considering the PPV sales reports from his last fight.

Dana White will probably have something to say about the allegations at a press conference after the UFC 280 fight this Saturday.


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