Jake Paul Criticizes Tommy Fury For “Cheating” Amid Heated Contract Negotiations For The Fight


Jake Paul has accused Tommy Fury and his father John Fury of “fraud” amid ongoing negotiations about the fight after the deadline for the contract was set.

The rivalry between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is certainly heating up, and fans are looking forward to when the two finally settle scores in the ring.

The two social media stars were first linked to touch gloves in December 2021, and then again in August 2022.

Now, after several unsuccessful attempts to get them into the ring, it looks like the fight will finally take place. But, having verbally agreed to fight in the UK early next year, Jake and Tommy again find themselves ready to grab each other’s throats on social media.

Jake Paul criticized Tommy Fury amid contract negotiations

In a November 15 tweet, Jake issued a final ultimatum, giving Tommy seven days to sign a contract after he agreed to come to the UK for the fight in February.

“I am glad to see that you have agreed on a place and time,” Tommy wrote in response. “Now you can tell your team to sit down at the table and negotiate properly, and not hide behind the old terms/agreements concluded 2 years ago.

“I’m ready and waiting to get this over the line.”

Striking back, Jake called Fury a “fraud,” adding that he would never risk his money on Tommy again after two planned fights cost him his pocket.

“You and your dad are both crooks,— Jake retorted. “My team and I will never take risks for you again. I’m not paying you a penny, dumbass, so there’s no old agreement/terms.

“My team has spoken to the Warrens several times this week, and the deal is that your promoter pays you. Sign the documents.”

Both sides are adamant about fighting next year, but given that two scheduled fights have been canceled in the past, many are skeptical about whether we will actually see them enter the ring.


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