Jake Paul Challenge Tyson Fury To Heavyweight Boxing Match


Jake Paul donned a thick suit to challenge legendary boxer Tyson Fury to a boxing match after his upcoming fight with Anderson Silva.

Although Jake Paul’s next fight is less than a week away, he is clearly aiming for more fights in the future.

The YouTuber turned boxer will fight Brazilian MMA star Anderson Silva in the boxing ring on October 29, and this should be one of the biggest fights of the year.

However, Jake is already teasing another fight with another legendary fighter.

Jake Paul put on a thick suit and hinted at a fight with Tyson Fury

In a message on the social network, he said: “In 6 days I will fight with Anderson Silva, but after that fat Jake will move to the heavyweight division to fight with my brother from the mother of anata Tyson Fury.”

Earlier, Jake was supposed to fight Tyson’s younger brother Tommy Fury, but the fight broke down at the last minute. Although this fight doesn’t have a revival date, Tommy has stated that he still wants it to happen.

Tyson Fury could easily be the biggest challenge for Jake, as Tyson is one of the most experienced heavyweight boxers of the last decade, a two-time world heavyweight champion with a record of 32 wins and one draw.

Despite the fact that Jake is in full preparation mode for the fight with Silva, he is clearly not satisfied with only one fight in the schedule.


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