Jake Paul accepts KSI’s offer of a fight


Stating that he has already revived boxing, popular YouTube star Jake Paul strategically chooses his opponents, creating some of the best headliners for major events. Paul officially confirmed his next opponent by accepting a fight offer from rival YouTube creator Olajide “KSI” Olatunji.

KSI is no stranger to fighting Paul’s family in the boxing ring, as in 2018 he fought Logan Paul, and although Jake and KSI were supposed to fight different people this year, the British creator set him a task: KSI’s opponent Alex Wassabi fell. This year, due to a concussion in training camp, Jake Paul offered to take his place, but KSI had alternative plans that were accepted. Content creators have been getting into boxing feuds since 2018, and KSI and the Paul brothers have been involved in them since the early days, with KSI having already defeated Logan Paul.

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Since fights require training, promotions, and other moving parts, KSI offered Jake Paul to box at Wembley Stadium next year, with KSI having home advantage. Going further, KSI suggested that 100% of his and Jake Paul’s wallets would be at stake in a winner-takes-all scenario, saying, “let’s finally get this over with.” Although the high stakes could have prevented another boxer from agreeing to the fight, YouTuber Jake Paul, known by the nickname “problem child”, quickly agreed on the condition that KSI recognizes that “today, when it comes to boxing,” Paul is better.

Originally intended to be Jake Paul’s opponent, Tommy Fury was replaced by Hasim Rahman Jr., who failed to meet the boxing weight requirements for a fight with Paul, resulting in him not having an opponent like KSI this year. Paul’s condition was met by KSI on their Twitter, as the British YouTuber admitted that Paul is boxing better today, but is still confident that he will immediately move on to discussing the contract and include a thrash talk in it. Given that Logan Paul recently signed a contract with WWE, it may be some time before he takes part in a big boxing event, but Jake Paul seems to be continuing what the two of them have really established in creating sports content.

Although the fight between KSI and Jake Paul is scheduled for 2023, the exact date is still unknown. Because of how popular both KSI and Paul are, many fans are already expressing enthusiasm for the big fight and are looking forward to which of the two will come out of it victorious. Given that both YouTube content creators have already proven themselves in boxing matches in the past, the high stakes offered by KSI seem to match their almost equal skill levels.


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