Jake Johnson: “Minx Pilot” was one of the “best things” I’ve “read in years”


Joyce’s publication may have been difficult to sell at first, but the pilot version of Minx was not like that at all. The new HBO Max series, the script for which was written by Ellen Lapoport, made a lot of noise thanks to the determined Joyce played by Ophelia Lovibond and the sloppy but cute publisher Doug, played by Jake Johnson, who takes risks.

“It’s about a young writer [Lovibonda] who wants to publish a magazine, a very feminist magazine, but in 1972 she can’t find anyone to publish it. So she’s paired up with me, and I’m, like, an obscene publisher, but I want to use her feminist approach. “I want it to be basically a Playgirl, not a Playgirl. So, we are talking about the history of the creation of this magazine, and the pilot version was one of the best things I have read in recent years.”

Although Doug supports the erotic magazine, his vision initially becomes a problem for Joyce. However, the shocking number of nude models at photo shoots, police collections and distribution techniques belonging to the mafia are something she just needs to get used to. Doug is convinced that the idea — to create a rag that now objectifies men and serves as a platform for feminist ideas — will find its audience.

“I love television. I think I will always like television more than movies, because I like working with the same people, and I like the stories that are being built,” Johnson told us about Wednesday. “People talk a lot about Nick Miller from New Girl and what they like about him. Well, that’s partly because we had seven years to develop this character. Characters can change and grow. So you have an hour and a half for the movie, and then they leave.”

Actor Tag and 36-year-old Lovibond, along with Idara Victor, Jessica Lowe, Lennon Parham and Michael Angarano, star in the series “Minx”.

Johnson, for his part, is also a producer of the show. In addition to the Fox comedy “New Girl,” he also voices Peter Parker in “Spider-Man: Across the Universes” and wrote the script for last year’s “Eagle Flight.” The actor hopes to continue working both in front of the camera and behind it.

“For me, it’s always a mix. I love to play. I like to play when I’m not writing. I like to play where I’m just in someone’s vision. I like to play when I wrote it. But I appeared as a writer,” the Illinois native explained to us. “I went to New York University of Drama. I was an aspiring playwright when I was just starting out. So I always need a mix. If I do too much, I think I get a little bored. I’d be bored if I didn’t play for too long. I like being on set. It’s all about the possibilities. It is difficult to offer something and do something. I hate development. So I would prefer not to develop for a year and a half with the studio. I don’t like taking all the notes and stuff. I’m happy to do big things, but I’ll probably write smaller scripts.”

New episodes of Minx are released every Thursday on HBO Max.