Jake and Ray from Ultimatum explain their relationship, reveal whether they were close in the series


When it comes to new couples in the first season of Ultimatum, it’s safe to say that Ray Williams and Jake Cunningham had the strongest bond.

“I kissed him a lot. I was one of those who initiated kisses with him, but we didn’t go beyond kissing. And it was very important for both of us.”

Ray, for her part, joined a reality show with Zay Wilson, giving him an ultimatum to propose. Meanwhile, Jake’s partner April Marie was also ready to get engaged, but he was not. As part of the show, couples found new partners for a three-week trial marriage before reuniting with their significant other to make a decision about their future. According to Ray, she and Jake “definitely both felt guilty” about their chemistry on the show.

“All the time you go on these romantic dates, and you communicate and live with this person, living your daily life with him, there is always jealousy in the back of your mind that you have. in relation to your original partner and what they are going through,” she told Us. “And then just feeling guilty that sometimes [I] got really happy and thought, ‘Oh, I’m so happy right now.’ I love hanging out with this guy. I can’t wait to go home and cook dinner with him, watch a movie and do anything.” And then I thought: “I shouldn’t feel like this.”

Jake, for his part, confirmed to us that the couple did not cross the line set by April and the Loan.

“I didn’t want to participate in the show, so I continue and have to conduct this experiment, and I still adhere to her instructions, which she wanted — like, she’s the one who wanted to do it. She was the one who wanted to experiment and see it all. So, to be honest, Ray and I were very respectful of the whole situation,” he told Us. “No matter how it looks, we didn’t have sex. The only thing we did was kiss. For the first five days on the show, I slept in a separate bed.”

He added: “To be honest, I was very respectful. …April did a lot more than I did. So at that time I felt good about what I was doing.”

Jake also told us that he did not agree to shoot the series until the “last minute”, implying that April wanted to go on the show for the sake of fame.

“I think it was more for fame. …She loves social media. I like to keep my life a secret. This is the main reason why I didn’t want to do it,” he said. “I don’t know if many people know about it, but I had an engagement planned for her before we [did the show]. I wasn’t going to tell her because it was supposed to be a surprise.”

The first season of Ultimatum is being broadcast on Netflix. Fans will have to tune in to the finale and reunion to see where Jake, April, Ray and Zay are now.