Jaime Lorente vraiment separated from María Pedraza?

While we thought they were separated, Jaime Lorente and María Pedraza could well put the cover. To our greatest delight !

There is something new between María Pedraza and Jaime Lorente, even though we thought they were separated.

After La Casa de Papel, the two Spanish actors found themselves on the set of Elite where their characters, Nano and Marina, had a love affair. A relationship which therefore continued off-camera since María Pedraza and Jaime Lorente became a couple.

Yet very discreet about his personal life, the Denver interpreter made some revelations during the promotion for his new series El Cid.


Jaime Lorente explained that they both linked the projects together. Thus, having had similar experiences would have brought them closer together. “We help each other a lot,” he explained after talking about the start of their relationship. And she didn’t start on the set of La Casa de Papel or even Elite!

“It’s strange that we’re a couple because María and I worked together in La Casa de Papel and Elite but we had known each other for 5 years and had never been out for a drink. We shot in the movie Who would you take to a desert island? And it all happened very naturally. Without this film, we would not be together, ”he told XL Semanal.

Asked about the Covid-19 pandemic, Jaime Lorente revealed that he spent lockdown alongside his sweetheart, María Pedraza, in Madrid. This ordeal would have even brought them together: “It brought us together a lot. Thank goodness because the pandemic has been a real ordeal for couples. (…) I imagine that for some, things were bad before and the confinement has exploded. ”

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Everything seemed to be going for the best. However, rumor has it that he may be separated today …


As reported by Spanish media, María Pedraza and Jaime Lorente are reportedly separated today. Ouch! Indeed, after 2 years of love, they would have broken up. The sites even indicated that the stars would not have spent the holiday season together and that they would no longer live under one roof.

In fact, their breakup would date back to before the young man’s birthday, December 12, 2020. The actress would then have left the home before that date. She didn’t comment on, or even like, the actor’s post on his birthday.

In addition, they have reportedly unfollowed on Insta since the end of 2020. They have even deleted most of their photos together on the social network. María Pedraza and Jaime Lorente would not post pictures together, for months.

But beware, there is something new! Indeed, looking at the Instagram accounts of the two stars, we notice that they have started to follow each other again. They could very well have made peace.

But does that mean they’ll find each other, as they did last year? Not sure.

For the moment, it’s impossible to know what María and Jaime are thinking. It could be that they just decided to stay friends rather than cut ties after their breakup. To be continued !



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