Jaime Lorente unveils his first clip “Corazón”!


Good news for Jaime Lorente fans! The Spanish actor has just released his very first music video, Corazón! Actor, singer, videographer… All hats go to Jaime Lorente! On social media, the Denver performer in La Casa de Papel has released her very first music video.

The handsome kid who loves to sing, has just revealed to his fans the release of the music video for his single, Corazón. The clip, very artistic, therefore features Jaime Lorente.

The artist therefore delivers himself as never before through a series of images, each more spectacular than the next. The singer therefore evokes a pain that gnaws at him from the inside, therefore.

The Spanish singer therefore sings: “How many hearts do I have? How many lives do I have? I hide, I hide, and I talk about my fears and I continue to hide ”. Nice words, then.

Very skinned artist, Jaime Lorente therefore delivers a breathtaking performance that should please his fans. The clip, posted a few hours ago, has already been viewed over 11,000 times, just that!


A few hours ago, on his Instagram account, the darling of María Pedraza teased his single. “On Friday, November 13, I bring out my bad and my good luck with my first song, Corazón”.

The Spanish actor was therefore already announcing the color. “The heart is all I needed. Pablo Gareta and I did it with the purest love ”. So that says a lot.

So María Pedraza also kept teasing the first clip of her darling. The pretty brunette posted several photos and promotional videos to support her dear and loving Corazón release.

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The pretty brunette had shared a photo on which she had written: “Tonight, Jaime Lorente brings light and voice to her little heart”. A nice text, which perfectly sums up the feelings of her darling in the clip, therefore.


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