Jaime Lorente confides in his first failed time!


The collapse of a myth! While one of the young, sexy and glamorous actors, Jaime Lorente recounts his first time … failed.

Jaime Lorente breaks the myth between cinema and reality! While the actor is sexy and glamorous, he talks about his normal life … And thus gives the details of his first time. A very average memory for him …

Because to end the story of his first time with “water has flowed under the bridges since”, it must have happened moderately. But the actor was much younger. And also, inevitably, without experience.

In 2018, as he became more and more famous thanks to La Casa de Papel, Jaime Lorente found himself on LOS40. Spanish radio invites him to talk about his life … And the actor is not going to disappoint them!

Journalists do indeed come to intimate questions. Until the actor’s first time. Far from discarding himself, he therefore gives the details of this very special moment …

But that will not necessarily be a good memory. Because, inexperienced, Jaime Lorente did not necessarily succeed that night. Especially since his first time took place under very specific conditions.


“My first time was absurd,” says the actor at once. I was 17, it was on a beach and it happened overnight. “If he doesn’t give more details, it’s easy to imagine the scene …

For the first time, finding yourself in the middle of the night on the beach may seem quite surprising. And quite unique, too. But Jaime Lorente does not seem convinced by the moment he has been through.

“It was a real disaster. Truly, a total disaster. So he won’t give more details … But he doesn’t seem very proud of the moment he shared that night.

Today Jaime Lorente is 12 years older, and much more experienced … Although he may have just separated from Maria Pedraza, he has known many other stories since. So he can laugh about it!


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