Jaime Lorente conduit avec sa chanson «Corazón»!


Jaime Lorente (La Casa de Papel), apparently likes his latest track “Corazón” very much. Yes, the actor even sings it in the car!

Jaime Lorente really likes his first song called “Corazón”. Indeed, the actor of the Casa de Papel, even sings it in the car!

Jaime Lorente is an artist with many hats.

Indeed, Jaime Lorente is both actor and singer! Just that !

Yes, María Pedraza’s darling is known the world over for his roles in two successful Netflix series: La Casa de Papel and Elite, in which he plays Denver and Nano respectively.

But far from being satisfied solely with his acting career, Jaime Lorente also began a career in music.

In fact, the Denver singer loves his first song, “Corazón”, which he sings on repeat in his car!

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more!


A few days ago, Jaime Lorente unveiled his first single, “Corazón”, through a breathtaking clip broadcast on Youtube.

In this song, the actor of La Casa de Papel opens up about a grief that gnaws at him from within.

A theme that therefore seems to be successful, since its clip has already totaled 186,445 views. Class!

Nevertheless, the first fan of “Corazón” remains Jaime Lorente in person.

In fact, in his Story Insta, we can see that the Denver singer loves to sing his song in the car! Yep, in a short video, we can see him singing the lyrics to “Corazón” while driving. Very cool !

At the same time, we understand it! Yep, the lyrics of her song are both beautiful and super heady.

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In short, we too are totally fan of his very first title.

Moreover, for those who have not yet listened to it, we’ll leave you with the video right away!


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