Jaehyun NCT’s Drama Project ‘Bungee Jumping’ Cancels Airing, Here’s the Production Team’s Explanation!


Some time ago fans had received happy news from Kakao TV which had hooked NCT’s Jaehyun and Lee Hyun Wook to star in the remake of the drama ‘Bungee Jumping’.

Bungee Jumping‘ is a film that was released in 2001, starring Lee Byung Hyun and Lee Eun Joo.

The drama production team is known to be collaborating with the original film drama production team in order to keep the story from the film ‘Bungee Jumping‘ original.

But unfortunately, recently Kakao representatives released a statement that broke down the fans’ waiting,

“During the planning process, we received words of concern from the original scriptwriter. Although the copyright to the original production belongs to the production company, which we work with, after thorough discussion, it was finally decided that Kakao would respect the wishes of the original scriptwriter and not continue with the remake of the drama.

Kakao as the company that recruited NCT’s Jaehyun and Lee Hyun Wook for the remake of the drama ‘Bungee Jumping’ also conveyed their apologies to the two artists.