“Jada and I look at each other in horror”— when Will Smith revealed the story behind Jayden’s name and the disaster they prevented


For a long time, Will Smith hid his personal life. Previously, he didn’t talk much about his relationships or family life. But he decided to reveal all this in his memoir “Will”, which was published earlier this year. The memoir showed the ups and downs in the life of a superstar even before he became a star.

In addition to the vulnerable moments, Will also took care to add a few carefree moments. This time he wanted his son Trey to participate in naming him and Jada’s first child.

Will Smith averted the horror by naming his first child Jada Luigi.

Before marrying Judah, Will Smith was married to Cherie Zampino. Together they had a son named Trey. When Will conceived Jayden with Jada, Trey was 6 years old. The “Men in Black” actor wanted Trey to name their child because that’s what his psychologist recommended. It helps to create a sense of connection and belonging

But the name Trey chose made Jada and Will question their decision. Trey was determined to name their baby Luigi. Fortunately, the couple was able to convince him otherwise. “Jada and I look at each other in utter horror, we both think the same thing: have you ever met a (expletive) named Luigi?” said actor Bright.

Eventually, Trey named their dog Luigi and chose Christopher for Jayden. Will chose Jayden, and Jada chose Saira. That’s how Jayden got his name — Jayden Christopher Sayre Smith. After Will, his wife also signed an agreement to release a candid memoir about her life and experiences. Although her memoir has yet to be named, her memoirs will give fans a glimpse into her troubled upbringing. It is reported that the book will also tell about her difficult marriage with the Independence Day star.

Meanwhile, the King Richards actor is preparing for his next film, Emancipation, despite the negative reaction. Are you ready for his return? Tell us in the comments below.


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