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Jacob Elordi prefers to be a bad boy at acting and leave the role of heartthrob behind. The actor who plays the charming “Noah” in “The Kissing Both” opened up about his acting aspirations. The 23-year-old rose to fame with the Netflix romantic comedy, even finding love with Joey King for a period of time.

The actor is about to premiere “Deep Water”, alongside Ben Afleck. Although his career is still short, Jacob conquered fans like Noah and also demonstrated his talent for playing dark characters, a bad boy in the HBO series “Euphoria.”

According to an interview with the Variety portal, Jacob spoke about his experience in being someone bad and with immoral attitudes, he explained that since he saw Gossip Girl his acting perspective changed and he does not want to lock himself in boys who are good alloo the time.

Jacob Elordi said that he is more interested in portraying characters that show that people do questionable and evil things, that they hurt, but in the end they win the hearts of the fans, as he believes that they have a purpose within the story.

He admitted that the “Chuck Bass” character was very bad at the beginning of the series, but had a very unexpected twist at the end, so a kiss stealer and heartthrob is not the image he wants you to have of him.

With “Depp Water” came a great opportunity for him and he hopes to continue adding projects that will boost his career. For now, in 2021 Netflix will continue with the story of “Elle” and “Noah” with “The Kissing Stand 3”.

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