Jacob Elordi is sincere about his breakup with Joey King


Jacob Elordi confesses how difficult it was to break up with Joey King and have to work for The Kissing Booth.

The actors of the Netflix romantic saga were smitten while filming the first part of the movies, what began as a friendship on set managed to evolve into something else; However, both decided to end their relationship in 2018, since then the situation has not been easy.


Through an interview for Refinery29, Jacob Elordi decided to reveal how was his separation with Joey King, because on the screen they managed to fulfill the role of their characters “Elle” and “Noah”, who are still in love, both had to do their job as professional actors, even the fans were hopeful of a possible reconciliation.

Jacob clarified that it has been difficult, because fans of The Kissing Booth franchise put a lot of pressure on both of them once they finished, the actor struggled with the situation for 2 years, but admits that over time it has diminished, although it was difficult to meet again With his ex-girlfriend on set, neither of them have spoken openly about the matter since.

The “Euphoria” star also described his Netflix character as a boy who is overrated by fans, as his behavior is not very good, but many wish to have a “Noah” in their lives, something that has inspired him to change some of his defects, he also believes that in the HBO series his development is much more dramatic than with the college boy.

The ex-partner has been the target of rumors from fans, after the premiere of The Kissing Booth 2, many believed that they could have reconciled, it should not be easy to kiss your old partner and show love on the screen, but they also believe that Jacob is not had a happy close with Joey, as he admitted not seeing the movie.

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For the same medium, Joey explained that his relationship with Jacob had a difficult process after saying goodbye, since the followers of both believe they know the truth about what is happening, but he argues that there are things that are only for themselves and the fact that not telling them causes fans to believe in a fantasy and it is difficult to explain what reality is like.


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