Jacob Elordi has a date at the same place as Kaia Gerber


Jacob Elordi has a favorite place and has dated Kaia Gerber, Joey King and Zendaya in the same place. The star of “The Kissing Booth” continues to enjoy his new stage in his love life after the rumors that linked him to Zendaya when working together on the series “Euphoria”, but the actor decided to leave his old love stories behind, but not his old ways, or that’s what his fans believe, because he and the model have dated in a very special place for him.


For weeks, photos of the new couple made up of Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber have circulated on social networks, who met by having several friends in common, neither of them has confirmed or denied the romance, but the photographs holding hands And the various dates they’ve had only confirm that their relationship is flourishing.

However, it seems that Jacob has a very special place for him, where he has brought each of the special girls who have stolen his heart. Although the actor has complained about his “Noah” character from “Kissing Stand”, he seems to have similar attitudes to the heartthrob boy.

Jacob Elordi was the target of criticism from fans after discovering that he has taken Kaia Gerber for a walk to the same place he went with Zendaya and also where he was seen with Joey King, his ex-girlfriend. Que??? Apparently, it is a local market in New York City and a special place for him, as he has shown it to the 3 girls with whom he has dated.

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Little originality? It could be considered an oversight on the part of the actor, but it should not be very comfortable to go to a place where your boyfriend’s exes have spent time with him, although according to sources close to Kaia Gerber she is only enjoying her free time and her singleness, so it may not be affected.

Some fans shared some memes about the situation, they also criticized it, but others believe that there is nothing wrong, since it is a place that he knows and only shows them the surroundings. What would you do if it happens to you?


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