Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber met before they left.


This is how Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi met, learn the romantic story of their relationship and how they fell in love.

The star of “The Kissing Both” seems to have been struck by Cupid by the young model, both have not clarified what their love situation is, but they have been seen together in recent days, sparking rumors that their relationship goes beyond a friendship and it seems like they are both trying to explore their feelings for each other.

According to the ELLE portal, Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber have been spending a lot of time together, even the model’s family loves him. Apparently, she is single, so she wants to enjoy her free time and have a good time, according to a source close to the couple, they both share the same interests, but what is the true status of their relationship?

Jacob and Kaia met thanks to the fact that they have many friends in common, they have also gone out several times in the past, although they have kept things casual, but the witness assured that Jacob Elordi does have an interest in the model and things between them seem go on the right track, there is flirtation and their personalities are similar.

Neither of them has clarified the rumors of romance since photos were leaked where they appear on the streets of New York, as well as a date where they went to a training together, it seems that they are sharing as much time as possible, but things have not taken a serious course for now.

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The source clarified that Kaia is single, but she has shared with her friends her wishes to have fun and hang out, but she can tell that they are both happy for now, without a label between them. The actor has not been clear with his love status, because as a result of the rumors with the model, many wondered what had happened to Zendaya, with whom he was romantically linked with her.

So far, their relationship remains on casual dates, but the two traveled to New York City after hanging out in Malibu, California.


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