Jackson Wang Triumphs And Is In The Top 10 Of Celebrities This 2021


Jackson Wang’s success continues to grow thanks to his multiple projects and it shows. This 2021 the members of GOT7 give us one surprise after another, Jackson Wang’s work pays off and that is why he is one of the favorite celebrities.

The Drive You Home performer temporarily moved to China to continue with the establishment of his company, but also to prepare different projects. Either within his musical career or through television shows, the singer has maintained constant work that has turned out very well.

Jackson Wang is showing that he is skillful and talented in different facets, only in his music videos has he adopted roles that range from acting, music composition, script creation, and directing, but if we add to that the great charisma of this guy then we can perfectly understand why he is one of the most prominent celebrities of 2021.

The effort, commitment, and work of the GOT7 idol has given him rewards, because, in addition to creating a powerful fandom around the world, he has obtained great recognition.


Recently Forbes China shared a list of the Top celebrities who have stood out the most in 2021 and Wang Jia Er could not be left out of it due to the great impact he demonstrated with his multiple releases.

 This is not the first time that Jackson has appeared on the list of 100 celebrities in China, but this time he climbed to number 10 and filled his fans with pride, who celebrated the success of this singer as a result of all his dedication.

The list takes into account different aspects such as metrics in their business value, the impact of each project, and more, so it is not only about popularity but also about the influence they generate with their work.

Also, we recently told you that Jackson Wang and Mark Tuan were all the rage by being part of Shan Chi, the new Marvel movie.


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