Jackson Wang Talks About Male Makeup And His Secrets Of Beauty


Today, fashion and even the makeup industry has gradually neglected gender roles, which is why Jackson Wang of GOT 7 was one of the participants for the GQ magazine article that talks about male beauty .

Jackson gave his point of view on the custom that men in South Korea have, especially idols, to wear makeup for their presentations and to look good.

Jackson revealed in the article that male beauty standards in Korea have changed and he believes that everything about makeup and facial care is simply art and there are no limits. The idol shared in his social networks the photograph of the GQ session and admitted that he feels very proud to be the first Asian artist to appear in that publication.

Jackson also shared his beauty secrets, mentioned that he uses neutral color lip balms to keep his lips hydrated, even revealed that he uses Biotherm brand products to regenerate his skin after shaving.


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