Jackson Wang songs that should be on your playlist


Jackson Wang has released several solo songs that conquered his fans, we recommend the best of them for your playlist.

In addition to his projects with GOT7, Jackson Wang has prepared solo music that allowed him to explore more facets of his artistic side, if you still do not know the work of this rapper and singer, we will tell you with which songs you can start to keep track of him.

Throughout this part of his career, Jackson has experimented with various genres of music and has also created some collaborations that turned out to be very successful, so we know you will love these songs.

Regardless of the diversity of genres in which we have listened to Jackson, this idol does not leave aside his characteristic style for singing and rap, demonstrating the potential that he has for both activities.

Learn more about Jackson Wang and his solo career by delving into the songs he has created, we recommend our favorite tunes.



It is a fresh and relaxed song, perfect to accompany you anywhere and transport you to a summer paradise. The gentle melody of Dawn Of Us will make you listen to it at any time and let yourself be enveloped by Jackson’s voice.

100 WAYS

This song will catch you with its energetic rhythm and mesmerizing beat. It has a romantic lyrics and also has a video that projects a love story in an ancient era where the couple is able to overcome any barrier. The 100 Ways Chorus can be addictive and you’ll keep singing it even without realizing it.


It’s an easy to hear R&B style melody, Jackson Wang shows his vocal style but also his rap skills. Oxygen has a mesmerizing, easy-to-hear vibe, so it will be the ideal song regardless of whether you want to focus on the music or accompany other activities.

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If you prefer a Hip Hop style, the ideal song for you is Papillon, this song by Jackson Wang will transmit great strength to you and you will witness how the idol can exploit his voice within rap. This was one of the singer’s first projects as a solo artist.


There are several versions of this melody, but our favorite is the collaboration of Jackson Wang with Stephanie Poetri, it is a sweet and very romantic melody. Unlike most songs in which we listen to Jackson, this one is not characterized by its strength in melody, in fact the instrumentation is simple and perfect to reflect the feelings in the lyrics.


A recommendation that cannot be missing from this list is Titanic, an energetic song, with a good rhythm and that will find a perfect place on your playlist. It’s a collaboration between Jackson and Rich Brian.


Another of Jackson Wang’s most popular songs is Bullet To The Heart, it is a very personal melody for the singer, but it also has a powerful message that was captured through the music video.


Jackson Wang’s most recent release was this collaboration with Galantis, it has an electronic vibe and a very special beat that will put you in a good mood and fill you with energy, so you will surely want to add this tune to your playlist.


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