Jackson Wang shown without filters in Super ELLE


Jackson showed an athletic image in the photo shoot for Super Elle magazine. With a powerful image, Jackson participated alongside Super ELLE China magazine for the August issue.

Jackson Wang has become the cover star for the new edition of Super ELLE , with a photo session full of surprises, Jackson showed some tattoos on his skin without leaving behind the athletic image that characterizes him.

For this photo shoot Jackson showed off different looks in black and red colors, perfectly representing his passion , boldness and energy.

The combination of sportswear , shiny garments and even an oversize jacket, show Jackson’s diversity as an artist , who has not stopped experimenting with his style and showing the best of himself in its different facets .

In the interview that Jackson gave for the Super ELLE magazine for the month of August, the artist revealed that this year he will probably release some songs in Chinese, but in order to release an entire album he will have to take more time, so his next record material It could be ready until next year.


In the same way, the interpreter of ‘ 100 Ways ‘ confessed that during the last season he has had moments of reflection and got to know himself better , for which he has also learned to manage his activities and take care of himself simultaneously.

Jackson also revealed the story behind some of the figures that he showed in the form of tattoos , among them the symbol on his shoulder stands out, which brings back memories of his childhood with his parents and has a very special message, since it means’ luck is here ‘

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Jackson Wang continues to add successes to his career and very soon will open the first TEAM WANG Pop-up store.


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