Jackson Wang reveals his new look…


Jackson Wang has moved to China to serve as a mentor in the third season of Street Dance of China, but while his moment to appear on screen comes, he has shared some stories on Instagram while showing off his new look.

The idol will spend a season in that country, but before starting his activities, he will have to stay for several days at home, so he has taken his social networks to share a bit of his quarantine activities.


The singer and rapper published a series of stories on his Instagram sharing some of the exercises he does from the comfort of his room, simply using napkins and the floor. But a great surprise came when Jackson shared a photograph with the text ‘Quarantine, day 3’, the idol indicates right there that it is an image that he captured from the previous day, but it was also in this space that he announced his plans to leave grow mustache for the next two weeks, so fans hope to see a photograph showing the results.

In the image he posted we see Jackson without makeup and with traces of the beautiful facial that is already beginning to show, but we will probably see more photos of this idol while he is in quarantine, before he joins artists like Lay and Yibo Wang in their work. as a mentor.

Jackson recently wrapped up promotions for his most recent release alongside GOT7, where the group promoted the song ‘Not By The Moon’ as a promotional single for their mini album ‘DYE’.


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