Jackson Wang reveals how Pretty Please MV was filmed


Jackson shows us how they rehearsed the filming of Pretty Please with a fun video demo. In early September, Jackson Wang surprised us with the release of Pretty Please, a collaboration with Galantis that premiered with an incredible music video inspired by Hong Kong movies in the 90s. If you are a fan of this idol and their music, you will love to know how they recorded this MV.

Days after the premiere of Pretty Please, Jackson takes us to know a little about the creative process for his latest music video through a demo video that shows us some preparations to shoot this clip.

As you will remember, much of the video seems to have been recorded within the same sequence, achieving this was not easy, Jackson Wang and his team had to plan the route that the video shows, practice the movements and how the shots would be made.

That is why Jackson decided to reveal a bit of the planning of this music video, showing the rehearsals of the route that he would take later in a set, but also the moments in which other takes would appear in frame.

Although a music video fills us with emotion, knowing the process behind it is extremely interesting and makes us admire the creative team much more.

The demo video posted by Jackson on his YouTube channel lets us see how he and his dancers rehearsed every moment of the Pretty Please video, but because other actors in this clip were not present during practices, their roles were played by other team members.

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Have you already seen this video of how everything we saw in the Pretty Please MV was planned? Below you can find it:


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