Jackson Wang premieres Pretty Please


Jackson Wang returned with a new single in collaboration with Galantis and has already revealed the music video for the song Pretty Please.

While GOT7’s activities are on hiatus, Jackson Wang continues to experiment in her solo role, that’s how she collaborated with the DJs of Galantis and they prepared Pretty Please, a song that will hook you with an addictive melody and a video full of romance.

Pretty Please takes us back to Hong Kong in the 90s, as it was portrayed in the period movies that Jackson is a fan of. He and his friends share a rainy afternoon inside a restaurant, although Jackson seems distracted, his attention is fixed on a documentary, until a girl appears and steals all his interest.

The breakup phrase the girl says on the phone takes us back to If You Do, a GOT7 video that was released in 2015, where a breakup is announced using very similar verses.

Although the protagonist of the video leaves the restaurant again, Jackson now has an interest in him , so he goes out in search of him meeting. Unable to get closer on a first try, he continues to follow her as she expresses her feelings and waits for her reaction.

They roam the streets like a movie set and the universe seems to conspire in Wang Jia Er’s favor, creating ideal settings for conquest and romance. Eventually the girl shows that Jackson’s actions took effect, as she is also interested in him.

Meanwhile, in lyrics to Pretty Please, Jackson asks the girl to give love a chance and allow him to get closer to her. The rhythm of the melody clearly reflects the essence of Galantis, creating a song full of energy that will infect you with good vibes.

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The MV presents the wolves as an important element of the story, but also reflects a bit of the personality of these animals that to this day have a mystical meaning. Wolves are creatures that are distinguished by being strategic, decisive, intelligent and guided by their instincts, just the way Jackson acts to get closer to his romantic interest in video.

In addition, we see the figures of the wolves howl on several occasions, a method through which these animals express themselves without inhibitions in the circumstances they face, in the same way, the performance of Jackson and the lyrics of Pretty Please do not hesitate to express your feelings, diving with certainty to express the infatuation you just discovered.

Pretty Please could be considered a spin off of 100 Ways, the single that Jackson Wang previously released. Both are love stories starring the same couple, so it could be interpreted as a meeting at different times for two people who are destined to be together.

Check out the Pretty Please MV below!


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