Jackson Wang Met His Crush and Had The Cutest Reaction


Jackson Wang, the GOT7 rapper had an unexpected encounter with a sportswoman he admires, how did it turn out? When he is on stage we can notice Jackson’s confidence and energy, but a change occurs when the singer meets the girl he admires.

Jackson Wang has been part of a large number of television shows in both South Korea and China and one of the most memorable is Roommate 2 , a show where he lived with other stars for a season.

It was in one of the episodes where the 100 Ways interpreter confessed that his ideal type at that time would be a girl with a healthy appearance, tanned skin, and who loves sports as much as he does. The idol insisted that there was no one person in particular but that they were qualities that he found great, but in the end he confessed the truth.

He said that there was a celebrity who met these traits and it was mixed martial arts fighter Song Ga Yeon , who happened to be part of the first season of Roommate. The girl returned to the house from this show to collect some of her belongings that she had left and it was then that she and Jackson agreed.


When they rang the bell, Jackson came out puzzled to open the door but was surprised, as soon as the idol saw Song Ga Yeon, he started his way back to the house ready to hide.

The hilarious moment stole smiles from his peers and even the MMA fighter , but he wasn’t quite ready to converse with the girl and continued to show his adorable and shy side as he sneaked from one place to another.

In the end they were able to meet up and exchange a few words, but due to the admiration Jackson has for Ga Young’s athletic abilities he couldn’t let the moment pass without having the same experience as other members of the Roommate cast, so he landed a hit with more. strength than expected.

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