Jackson Wang enjoys a fun date with his fans


The rapper spent unforgettable moments with thousands of followers waiting for the GOT7 comeback.

Jackson Wang decided to perform a VLive as part of the promotions for “DYE”, GOT7’s next album . The rapper invited his fans on a date .

The member of GOT7 was in the recording studio of JYP Entertainment and said the fans some details of the upcoming album of his group as well as their future plans, talk enjoyable became a great meeting .

Jackson Wang is one of the most charismatic idols in K-Pop, this makes each of his interactions with AHGASE turn into a party, during this broadcast there was no lack of fun and emotional moments .

Many fans in the comments section asked him to listen to Bad Bunny, although some recommended some more moving melodies, the rapper decided to put ‘Amor Foda’ a slow ballad composed only by piano.


Wang he confessed to his fans who had prepared everything for the appointment out best, carefully choosing the outfit you would wear during the VLive and selecting the best songs for all viewers feel comfortable.

The idol called AHGASE take different screenshots of your live so that later could be used as the photos of profile in its different social networks and for best results Jackson did some poses in a very flirtatious manner.

Although the staff asked him to finish the video , Jackson simply told them that he didn’t quite understand what they were trying to tell him, so he continued with his broadcast .

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The fans created the trend # EveryDateWithJackson in social networks thank you for having taken so many details to make your appointment had unforgettable moments.


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