Jackson Wang debuts LMLY with romantic retro vibe MV


GOT7 member came back with a new single in his solo career and sings about unrequited love. Jackson Wang showed his great talent in creating a new music video that takes us back in time, Leave Me Loving You presents a romantic side of the singer.

After launching three successful collaborations with artists from different parts of Asia, Jackson decided to close the month of March with a new song that made his fans fall in love thanks to the unique style of this interpreter. The singer and rapper sends a valuable message as he recounts his infatuation in the Leave Me Loving You scenes .

The MV picks up the vibe of the Hong Kong movies in the 1980s, just as we saw it earlier with Pretty Please . This time Jackson plays a restaurant worker who falls in love at first sight with a girl who begins to visit the place.

As the music with a retro vibe takes over, we see how the story of Jackson and the girl progresses and wraps us in a romantic story, until she reappears and is accompanied by a new boy.

Jackson Wang continues his life trying to overcome disappointment and emptiness due to the way he visualized himself alongside his romantic interest, but an unexpected twist let us know more about the story.


As we approach the end of the song, the clip picks up some scenes previously shown but this time the singer is having fun alone while imagining that he is with the girl he likes, what really happened in this love story?

Jackson Wang explained to his fans that in reality the love story only happened in his mind and not in the real life of his character. However, that leaves us with a lesson for romance:

Every moment with his was just imagination, it didn’t happen at all. I did not confess it, he does not know me. What I mean is: if you like someone, you should let them know

Meanwhile, in the lyrics of Leave Me Loving You , Jackson asks the girl he likes that if he is not interested in him give him a warning and do not leave him alone loving his, because he is giving everything of himself so that his love work.

Jackson Wang also pampered fans with a look at LMLY’s creative process , where we see him work on a storyboard with his team and tour the set to rehearse directing cameras, a moment that was applauded on social media due to all the facets. from the Hong Kong-born artist.


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