Jackson Wang cuts his hair and debuts a new look


After maintaining his style for a long time, Jackson decided it was time for a change in his image. Jackson showed a new image to his fans through the photographs published on social networks.

Singer and rapper Jackson Wang has not stopped surprising us in recent months, in addition to establishing himself as one of the favorite stars as he is the image of different luxury brands and advertising campaigns, he continues to work on his music, his role as an entrepreneur and is has joined some TV shows in China.

But if that were not enough, Jackson also surprised his followers by sharing updates on his social networks where he revealed that he has decided to change his look.


The idol published a set of photographs showing his new haircut and also reflected on the fact that he should probably keep constantly changing from now on, since for around two years his style had not changed much.

Jackson fans agreed that any style looks amazing to him, so they applauded his initiative to continue evolving in the future.

In these images, Jackson is wearing one of the jackets that will likely be part of his clothing collection alongside TEAM WANG.

On the other hand, Jackson’s song under the title 100 Ways now has its own remix, which was created by MK, listen to it by clicking here and find out all the details.

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