Jackson Wang congratulates his mother in a special way


Jackson Wang congratulates his mother in a special way. The idol decided to celebrate his mother with the memories of his childhood.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang has lived a week full of emotions, first, he made the group’s comeback with “Not by the moon” and is also celebrating one of the most special days for him.

Despite the coronavirus crisis, the idol has the opportunity to enjoy moments of happiness with his companions and loved ones. Jackson decided to share the love he has for his mother in a special way, we tell you the details.

Through his Instagram account, Jackson shared a congratulatory message for his mom’s birthday . The idol wrote a small letter to thank him for the support and admitted that he would like to spend this day with him, but due to his schedule it is often not possible.

Jackson’s emotional words touched AhGaSe, as he assured that every day and every second he feels grateful that she was the person who gave him life. Without a doubt, the most important figure for people will always be our mom.


Jackson published his message in a very special way, because in addition to his words of thanks and love, he shared some family photos from his childhood , next to his parents and when he was a baby, as a tribute to his mother.

The idol ended his speech promising never to forget the effort he made for his children so that they could get ahead. Jackson was able to fulfill his dreams and can share them with the person most important to him.