Jack Whitehall Used to “Talk Like Danny Dyer” During Stand-Up Concerts to Avoid The Label “Posh Fucked Up”.


Jack Whitehall said that in his early speeches he used a Cockney accent so that he would not be called a “posh jerk”.

Speaking to fellow comedian Russell Howard on his new podcast, Jack Whitehall’s Safe Space, Whitehall said he would “talk like Danny Dyer” and wear a parka jacket in an attempt to change his image.

“The first couple of years, when I was between styles, I used to go on stage and talk like a Cockney, because I was very worried about the first impression I would make on stage in public — because I was worried about being posh — and so I kept talking like Danny Dyer,” — he said.

The Jungle Cruise star, who previously revealed he was once hooked by Hedlock, said he was “practicing my set with an oddball accent,” before adding, “To be honest, I was talking a little more like a weirdo back then.”.

He continued: “At the beginning I was doing it very deadpan, trying to be like Jack Dee, and I’d come to the park and do it with a Cockney accent because I was so worried about going on and saying, ‘Hi. !”and they say, ‘Who is this gorgeous ass?’

However, Whitehall soon noticed that being a “posh cunt” might actually have been his best image all along.

“It took me a long time to realize that maybe I should start by asking, ‘Who is this gorgeous ass?'” he added.

A new Whitehall podcast was launched on Audible on Monday (November 21) featuring director Judd Apatow, Jamila Jamil and Emily Atack.

The synopsis of his 10-episode audio comedy series reads: “From the school days we would rather forget (Emily Atack), to the worst first impressions (Russell Howard) and annoying celebrity encounters (Jamila Jamil), not a single shameful stone remains unturned. as Jack is joined by some of the funniest names in the industry who talk about the moments in their lives that led to sleepless nights.

“Elsewhere, Jack gets to the bottom of a real day job with comedian and former handyman Tom Davis, discusses an awkward off-screen relationship with Judd Apatow, and discovers a personal history of shame that even Big Zoo’s family doesn’t know about, plus much more. from the likes of Jordan Gray, Leighton Williams and Whitney Cummings, who discuss everything from major troubles to the human body.”

Earlier this year, Whitehall suggested that stand-up comedians “will definitely check themselves every time they write a joke” after Will Smith punched Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars.


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