Jack Ryan Has Just Shifted Another Popular Streaming Series From The First Place


Jack Ryan returned to Amazon Prime with new episodes just in time for the end of 2022, and although he caused a fair amount of buzz, another series dominated pop culture in the last months of the year: “Wednesday” Netflix. Thanks to the fact that the show attracted the attention of viewers, and the lead actress Jenna Ortega went viral thanks to her dance as Wednesday Addams, it was at the top of the streaming chart for a while. Now Jack Ryan has officially ousted Wednesday from the top spot.

The third season of the series “Jack Ryan” dropped on Wednesday in the rating of Nielsen streaming originals in the United States for the week of December 19, according to TVLine, with a total duration of 1.834 billion minutes. By comparison, Wednesday scored just 1.80 billion minutes, and Jack Ryan knocked it out of first place after four weeks at the top.

Although this is a Jack Ryan win, there are some variables to consider. Jack Ryan has released a total of 24 episodes, not eight as on Wednesday, so viewers just have more minutes of John Krasinski’s series that they can watch.

In addition, “Wednesday” was released on Netflix on November 23, which is almost a whole month ahead of “Jack Ryan” on December 21 in the schedule of TV premieres of 2022. If the new seasons went head-to-head, Wednesday would probably come out on top. It’s also worth noting that Jack Ryan’s demographic is older than Wednesday’s: almost two-thirds of viewers are aged 50 and older, and more than 50% are men.

There’s also a point that Jack Ryan debuted in his third season, so maybe he had a better chance of attracting an established fan base than attracting newcomers, which was not the case Wednesday in the first season. He will return in the second season, where Jenna Ortega and her colleagues will react to the good news after some time without confirmation that the series will return.

As for Jack Ryan, the Amazon series will return in season 4, but it will be the last. Ahead of the release of season 3 in 2022, news has emerged that John Krasinski’s time as an iconic character will end after four seasons, although there is still potential for a spin-off. Will Season 2 be released on Wednesday before Jack Ryan ends? Only time will tell on this front, and there’s no denying that both shows ended on a strong note in 2022.

Of course, Wednesday was already in the top ten on Netflix before Jack Ryan overtook him in total viewing minutes. In December, Jenna Ortega’s show dropped to 3rd place, losing to “Recruit” Noah Centineo in 2nd place and the disappointing 3rd season of Emily in Paris in 1st place. At the time of writing, Wednesday was still in the top 10, firmly holding 5th place.

Neither the 4th season of Jack Ryan nor the 2nd season on Wednesdays have release dates yet, and the current data refers only to the week of December 19. It is possible that they will switch places or even give way to another show in the next one. a set of numbers! At the moment, you can always watch the first three seasons of Jack Ryan with an Amazon Prime subscription and all eight episodes of Wednesday with a Netflix subscription.


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