Jack Reacher Review: Tom Cruise’s Talent Against Alan Ritchson’s Muscle


Jack Reacher: Prime Video premieres a new series based on the novels of the British writer Lee Child and that Tom Cruise already interpreted in the cinema with some controversy. After the two film adaptations of his character, Lee Child said that Cruise was a good actor, but that he would not play him again. His physique was the opposite of that of Jack Reacher, whom the writer defined as that character who falls silent when he enters a bar. It is true that Cruise captured the sarcastic tone of the former military policeman well, but he did not convey the air of threat that the legion of followers that bet-sellers demand.

So the fundamental piece that Lee Child has sought for the series, of which he is also an executive producer, is an actor who fits the characteristics of the character. Discarded Henry Cavill (The Witcher), Alan Ritchson (Titans) has been chosen, a true 4×4 whose 1.88 is far from Tom’s 1.70, but whose acting skills are far below those of the Hollywood superstar .


Without revealing great details of the story, the plot arc of this first season -which consists of 8 episodes- is based on the first book of the saga, Dangerous Zone (1997). Reacher, a former US Army investigator who wanders the country aimlessly, finds himself wrongly accused of murder after an incident in Margrave, a small town in Georgia. This matter is just the tip of the iceberg of something much bigger that you will have to discover little by little.

The series begins as a classic western to soon become a thriller whose music we have heard before. Despite the spectacular nature of the action scenes, in which Ritchson shows off his physique, the series focuses more on the investigation part. But everything is too far-fetched, there is an excessive desire for all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together and this reduces the credibility of the series. Some doses of humor and a certain social portrait of rural America complete a picture that, without being a masterpiece, is easy to see.