Jack Quaid from Scream recently played Ghostface again to achieve less deadly results


It goes without saying that viewers were shocked when the ending of “Scream 5″ revealed that Richie Kirsch, played by Jack Quaid, is one of the Ghostly Faces wreaking havoc in Woodsboro. The actor was incredibly convincing in the role, enough to give some viewers goosebumps. Well, the 30-year-old actor is not quite done with his character yet, as he recently found another reason to put on his costume. However, this time the results were less deadly.

Jack Quaid was one of the many stars who attended Comic-Con in San Diego last weekend, and while there, he returned to his villainous roots by donning his Ghostface disguise. The Boys star tweeted about the moment, saying he had a good time walking on the floor at the convention. I must say, this is one of the clever ways to avoid fans reaching around you for autographs and photos.

The son of actors Randy Quaid and Meg Ryan visited SDCC to promote his animated show “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” in which he voices Starfleet officer Brad Boimler. Despite the hype surrounding all this, I’m glad he found a way to incorporate his work in the horror genre into an event imbued with pop culture. As part of his Twitter thread, he posted a series of photos of himself in a suit. While the iconic villain is known for causing pain and chaos, the character, ironically, allowed the actor to live his best life at Comic-Con:

Jack Quaid also posted another tweet, which included photos of him reuniting with his former Hunger Games co-star Jacqueline Emerson, who played the ill-fated Foxface tribute. This dystopian film was Quaid’s acting debut, as well as his first role as a murderer. (The character of the “Boys” actor is responsible for the death of tribute Ryu.) On that note, it was nice to see two “Hunger Games” graduates hugging:

Jack Quaid has had some interesting acting performances over the past few years, but his role as Richie in Scream 5 is certainly one of his most memorable roles. (In the process, Quaid even mastered the art of screaming in a horror movie.) The boyfriend of Sam Carpenter, the main character of the film, who was also the daughter of the villain from “Scream” Billy Loomis, — Richie embodied the image that was present in the horror movie. a franchise for many years. I’m talking about the decision to make the beloved turn out to be a cold-blooded killer.

You should applaud Jack Quaid for finding a clever way to remain incognito during Comic-Con in San Diego. If he attends future conventions, I doubt that he will use the same disguise, which means that, unfortunately, we will not be able to force him if a man in a Ghost Face suit comes to meet us. But at least no one got stabbed this time, right?

Richie’s fate obviously means that the Ithaca actor won’t be returning for the sixth installment of “Scream,” which is currently in development. But you can still see him in the third season of “Boys” on an Amazon Prime subscription and appreciate his frightening performance in “Scream 5” on a Paramount+ subscription.


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