Jack Dorsey’s first tweet can sell for $ 2.5 million


The first tweet by Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, is being auctioned and received a bid of $ 2.5 million (R $ 14 million at current price) this week. The buyer will receive a publication certificate, which will continue to be available on the internet.

The author of the millionaire offer was Sina Estavi, CEO of a Malaysian company called Oracle Bridge. The company offers blockchain and data services.

Dorsey’s publication dates back to March 21, 2006, the day the site was founded by him, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams. In the post, he says only that he is “configuring twttr (sic)”.

The auction is being held by a website called Valuable by Cent. The company specializes in tweet sales and explains that 95% of the auctioned value goes to the author of the original message. The other 5% stay with the company.

Valuable by Cent is open to anyone who wants to try to sell their tweets. “You can resell them in valuables or display them in your online gallery. As with any collector, you can choose to keep it only in a private collection ”, explains the brand about what to do with a purchased tweet.

Auction winners receive publications in non-fungible token (NFTs) formats. They are unique digital properties that, because they have a serial number and several other elements, cannot be replicated. Dorsey’s tweet certificate will be verified by him and will contain the original metadata.


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