Jace Norman: Where’s the Henry Danger actor?



Jace Norman: Nickelodeon’s teen series Henry Danger was not a resounding success like other productions of the network in Brazil – iCarly, for example – but it has its place in the hearts of many fans. Jace Norman, who plays Henry Hart in the production, is a teenager whose life is transformed by becoming a superhero’s sidekick – becoming Kid Danger. The series ran for five seasons, from 2014 to 2020. Since then, some things have changed in the child actor’s life.

With dyslexia, the actor and producer revealed in an interview on the American TV show Today Show that he was bullied in elementary school and always encouraged other young people to listen to their hearts and follow their intuition. Born in New Mexico, he moved to California at the age of eight and began acting at age 12, with a cameo in the Disney Channel series Jessie. In 2017, he won Favorite Actor and Best TV Show at the Kids Choice Awards.

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