JAC Motors plans to build electric car factory in Goiás


Last Monday (1), during a meeting between representatives of JAC Motors, the Cooperative of Individual Transport of Goiás (Coopgo) and the Prefecture of Aparecida de Goiânia, Roberto Sandes, general manager of the Chinese automaker in Brasília, indicated that the company is studying the possibility of installing a factory unit in the municipality, the first in Brazil, according to the newspaper O Popular.

The discussion took place along with the presentation of a project for the sale of electric vehicles to drivers of state applications, according to the publication. Sandes argues that there is great initial demand in the city for products offered by the company, from 300 to 400 cars of the type, which, according to him, generate more revenue for the professionals mentioned, since they have reduced expenses per kilometer traveled.

Plans for the arrival of JAC Motors in the national territory have been in existence for some time, and tax issues would have prevented its installation in Camaçari, Bahia. Anyway, says the executive, Aparecida de Goiânia is “a much better option”, as it will house an aeronautical pole. The City Hall, even, would have already offered to provide an area to house a car industry.

“Goiânia has a very large fleet and we need to insert electric cars in it”, defends Roberto. “We are going to discuss all the possibilities of this future project with the president of JAC Motors, Sérgio Habib”, he adds.

Ideal setting

At first, stresses Sandes, combustion vehicles would also be produced at the unit, and Luiz Maronesi, president of the Aparecida de Goiânia Development Company (Codap), points out that the entity has made itself available to help in whatever way possible, not discarding incentives state tax authorities.

Finally, for Marcelo Conrado, president of Coopgo, making electric cars feasible is one way of trying to reduce operating costs and increase the profitability of the approximately 30 thousand application drivers in Goiânia and the Metropolitan Region, who would have a special financing of the Sicoob System.

“The ideal (…) is that we have a carmaker here, and the mayor of Aparecida, Gustavo Medanha, is very committed to making this happen,” he says. The subject, concludes O Popular, should be discussed with Governor Ronaldo Caiado.


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