J. P. Rosenbaum on the relationship after the divorce and why he and his ex Ashley Hebert are still the success story of “the bachelor”


A date after the divorce. J. P. Rosenbaum spoke frankly about his life after breaking up with Ashley Hebert, including how he felt before the couple announced their separation in the seventh season.

Rosenbaum and 37-year-old Hebert announced their separation in October 2020 after almost eight years of marriage. In October 2021, we reported that the former spouses, who have a son Fordham, 7, and daughter Essex, 5, have finalized their divorce. While Rosenbaum noted that there was “a little chaos” during the weeks when they made their separation public, “nothing has changed” between the now exes.

“And then the story would be old. It subsided and: “OK, this is another couple that kind of fell apart and moves on to the next one,” he told Us. “It would be old news, because there is always a new season. There’s always a new pair. So, you know, you’re no longer one of the lucky success stories, and it’s kind of just dying off. So maybe a little bit of concern, but I think we got what we expected from the response.”

Rosenbaum added that “there was no serious story” when it came to their breakup, explaining: “There was no infidelity. And there were no problems that caused the announcement. … There was no drama associated with it.”

When asked if he still considers the couple a Bachelor Nation success story, Rosenbaum replied, “I totally agree with that. We’ve been together, I mean, nine years, ten years, whatever. And we will be in each other’s lives forever. And we got two wonderful, wonderful children. I wouldn’t change anything, of course. We’re both in pretty good places.”

Hebert, for her part, moved on to boyfriend Yanni Georgoulakis. “I haven’t met him, but I know about him and about him from her,” he told Us about the food blogger. “She lives her life, and if she’s happy, that’s the main thing.” Meanwhile, Rosenbaum is single.

“It’s weird. Dating a divorced father of two when I’m in my forties is completely different than dating, you know, a single man in his early thirties,” he told Us. “And especially now with all the apps, and it’s weird, but I think you kind of get used to it. I would still prefer it to happen organically and through a friend, but this is not the world we live in now. Besides, I’m not from Miami, so my network here is not the same as in New York. I have friends, but mostly they are my age, married and have children. So it’s complicated, and I’ve made apps, and I’ve had it with some nice women, and I’m dating, but I’m still trying to figure it out.”

Rosenbaum further noted that he does not have a “checklist” for The One.

“It’s funny to me, because, you know, someone can tick all the boxes, and if it’s not there, then it’s not there. …I know the feeling I’m looking for,” he explained. “I know the connection I’m looking for because I had it. I know how it feels. And I want to feel it again. There is a problem: “Does she have children? She doesn’t have any children? Does she want children? Do I want more children?” It’s a dynamic that needs to be worked out, but I know the connection I’m looking for. I know what kind of communication I need. I know it works, and I think I know what doesn’t work, so I can tell pretty quickly whether things will develop or not, just based, I think, on my experience.”