J.Lo and Lee’s boyfriend and Rimini had a good reason to miss her wedding to Ben Affleck


Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are officially married… again! Although the two had previously exchanged vows during a brief ceremony in Las Vegas in July, the real Bennifer wedding extravaganza took place over the weekend at Affleck’s property in Georgia. It is reported that it was a major event attended by a number of famous celebrities. However, one of the stars who was not present was Lopez’s good friend, Leah Remini. However, the actress had good reasons to skip marital events.

Those who have seen Jay Lo and Leah Remini together over the years probably know that these two are tough as thieves. With that in mind, Remini needed something grand to miss her friend’s big day. Well, sources close to the actress told TMZ that Remini was busy with a pretty cute family situation. Remini’s 18-year-old daughter, Sofia, is about to go to college, and the King of Queens graduate reportedly wanted to spend some time with her before she left.

You really can’t blame the star for missing the wedding, which sources say she was actually invited to. One should also take into account the fact that Sofia is the only child of a graduate of the second act, and as a result, a devoted mother would probably feel an even greater obligation to be by her side during this transitional time. The Emmy Award winner seems to be quite close with her child and has been writing about her on social media from time to time.

Leah Remini wasn’t the only famous celebrity who missed the wedding celebration. Believe it or not, Casey Affleck also missed his brother’s wedding. Affleck initially indicated a somewhat strange reason for skipping the event, saying that he “fell asleep.” However, later sources claimed that in fact he was not present because of “family, parental responsibilities around the house.” But that didn’t stop Affleck from welcoming J.Lo to the family with a sweet comeback.

However, otherwise Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had a lot of support. For example, Affleck’s longtime friend Matt Damon was present, as well as Affleck’s colleagues in the movie “Clerks 3” Kevin Smith and Jason Muse. During the wedding weekend, Smith posted a funny post about how to dress for the occasion. (Spoiler alert: he kept the classics while retaining his signature sense of style.)

Apart from Bennifer’s paparazzi-filled honeymoon, the couple on the best list seem to be floating in the air at the moment. Reports say that J.Lo adores the fact that she can now officially call the Batman actor her husband. It’s been a long road for them (to put it mildly), so it’s only natural that they enjoy this new stage in their lives.

Although Leah Remini did not witness how the two became one, I am sure that at some point she will touch the base of the newlyweds. And whenever they do, it goes without saying that they will have something to catch up on.


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