J.K. Rowling did not care about the cryptocurrency community


JK Rowling, author and billionaire of the legendary Harry Potter book series, tweeted the crypto community a few days ago. Just a few days have passed since Rowling asked for help with understanding Bitcoin.

Although the community’s reaction was optimistic, Rowling’s intention to buy Bitcoin or join the BTC community seemed to be absent already. Now he has made it clear.

It also took some bit of sarcophagus by mentioning its non-Ethereums.

I Disagree With The Bitcoin Community
Throughout the weekend, the author of Harry Potter attracted so much attention because of Bitcoin; Maybe he gave up bored now.

There were also several fake JK Rowling accounts that bought $ 100 worth of Bitcoin.

In his tweet on Saturday, Rowling wrote:

“I am afraid I will not be able to log in to Twitter until I get angry again, I’m telling you for the last time I don’t have Bitcoin.”

If some people in the community are trolling him as Rowling claims, now Rowling is trolling them, saying that he owns Ethereum and therefore will never join the Bitcoin community.

The author stated in a comment that he was joking when he said he had ETH. During this period, the author’s crypto knowledge increased significantly. The author said this on the subject:

“This is stupid. I don’t join the Bitcoin community. Until now, it must be very clear that I have trolled Bitcoin in hopes of increasing its important Ethereum assets. -I am joking when I say that. ”

Coinbase and Binance CEO Embarrassing Themselves
CZ from Binance previously responded to Rowling with a sexist tweet about women, and then removed the tweet.

Brian Armstrong, the head of the Coinbase exchange, is also not true Rowling; Responded to a fake Rowling account that bought BTC.


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