J-Hope’s new record reaches All Kill with all its discography


J-Hope has been more than recognized for his enormous talent and has now reached a new record on iTunes with his entire discography.

The Band Boy, BTS, has achieved great goals but the boys have also achieved their own, as is the case with J-Hope, who according to ARMY, positioned each of his solo songs, collaborations, his work with BTS and their mixtape at # 1 on the iTunes chart.

This is how this incredible artist once again demonstrates his popularity in music internationally, because in at least one country, the idol has reached the first place in the ranking, which is based on pure digital sales.

J-Hope hit the perfect mark on iTunes.

On social networks, fans trending the hashtag #JHopeDiscographyAllKill to celebrate Hoseok’s new achievement, as well as to give ARMY’s support for BTS, it has an impressive level of loyalty and perseverance, thanks to them, idols have been able to fulfill several of its goals, Hope World has managed to make its own space in music.

J-Hope’s All Kill ranges from his releases as “Chicken Noodle Soup”, alongside Becky G, in addition to his solos as EGO, the pre-release for the “Map of the soul 7” era.

And it is that J-Hope not only stands out for being a rapper but also a great Bangtan dancer, as well as a composer, because although he has not sung other songs, if he got involved in the lyrics, these singles also reached # 1 , like Awake from Jin.

With the successes of J-Hope it is evident that the popularity of BTS is not only in a group, but that each of them has different concepts, they have managed to capture their essence in each of their works and Hobi is no exception, iTunes has been has become another of the essential platforms in music and contributes a large part of the artists’ digital sales.

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ARMY shared messages of support and congratulations to the singer, who in previous months assured that he does intend to make a second mixtape, there are not many details yet, but it was one of his New Year’s resolutions.


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