J-Hope’s anatomy, know these details of his body


Learn about the details of J-Hope’s anatomy and full-body features. The idol is known for being the most affectionate within the group, his name is already synonymous with hope for ARMY, who consider him as someone tender and talented, giving him nicknames such as “masita” or “solcito” due to his personality .

Throughout his career he has shown great talent for hip hop, rap and dance, the latter involves training so that everything is on stage and has endowed him with great resistance and attractiveness, as his routines have developed features that give it a sexy look.

We leave you a list with details of the full body of J-Hope, him anatomy has traits that make him unique and you will fall in love with the idol.


The dance has provided J-Hope with incredible abs that steal the screams of the fans when she performs the choreography of the group, having a marked abdomen is difficult, not only because of the exercise, you must also take great care of your diet.


Him gaze is bright, hopeful and warm. The eyes are the doors to the soul and certainly reflect Hoseok’s caring and loving personality.


A smile always makes everything better, the dimples, which are sometimes marked, and the resplendent gesture of J-Hope will make you fall in love. If you have a bad day, just look at him smile.


Although they usually change their look for each comeback, J-Hope has not undergone such extreme or colorful tints, its color range is very small, but the copper, reddish and black tints fit perfectly.


Another of J-Hope’s delicate features are his hands, which look thin and pale, something that gives him aesthetics and delicacy when posing rings, bracelets or holding the microphone.


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