J-Hope writes letter to ARMY ahead of BE premiere


The premiere of a new BTS album has the members of the idol group excited, J-Hope shares a dedicated message to his fans to express his feelings about BE.

Bangtan Sonyeondan fans are waiting for some big surprises now that BE is about to be revealed. This new record material includes very important messages for the members of the group and ARMY, which has awakened a wave of emotions before their arrival. J-Hope shared how she feels now that the album is coming into the hands of his fans.

The creation of this record material was a process that the boys of BTS shared with their fans from the beginning, expectations have risen day by day, what can we expect from BE?


The rapper visited Weverse to post a short but meaningful message for ARMY, where he revealed that this album is very important because they all participated in the entire process to create it, which makes it very personal material.

The idol couldn’t hide his excitement through the words and confirmed that the boys of BTS really enjoyed creating this album and shared laughter through the creative process. In addition, according to Hoseok, it is an album that reflects them perfectly and that will be extremely special for the members of the group and the fans.

Lastly, J-Hope pointed out that she hopes BE will help his fans put a good end to 2020, giving them a moment of joy and a respite from how tiring day-to-day life can be.

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