J-Hope: When will you enlist for military service?


In South Korea, military service is compulsory, so the BTS guys don’t get away with it, but when will J-Hope enlist?

BTS is the most recognized K-Pop group both in South Korea and abroad, however they are not exempt from doing their military service, which is mandatory in their country, that is why several fans have been worried to know when this will happen and for the fans of J-Hope and the rest of the group here we give you the dates.

According to the Hollywood portal, the members of BTS will soon be serving in the military for a period of two years and according to the Military Manpower Administration and the Ministry of National Defense, J-Hope’s included military enlistment is about to overcome.

Park Yang-woo, Minister of Culture, was the one who brought the issue to light while attending a meeting with the UNESCO Forum of Ministers of Culture and shared that there are many people who want to exempt the group, which is not possible anymore. that there are no institutionalized exemption systems for popular culture and arts, which includes J-Hope.

Military service and BTS J-Hope when?

Jin, who is the oldest member of the boy band, makes his last enlistment date between 2020-2021. You will have to stop activities for about two years after enlistment. BTS’s military enlistment will be the first to witness his departure for service.

The group’s main rapper, Suga, will hit his military enlistment date in 2022. Members of the band will need to register before their 29th birthday, according to the South Korean Defense Services Military Recruitment Notice.

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RM, the bandleader and rapper J-Hope will be enlisting for military service in 2023. Both will reportedly be discharged by 2025 according to the service notice.

Main dancer Jimin and vocalist V will enlist for military service in 2024. They will both be discharged in 2026 regarding the service advisory.

As for Jungkook, the youngest member will be the last to enlist according to the draft notice. He will return in 2028 and enlist for the year 2026.


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